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Featured Mix | April 09 | DJ Damon Bell

px_damonFeatured Mix: DJ Damon Bell – Spring 09 Mix
The ever talented Producer/DJ/Tastemaker Damon Bell delivers a taste of the smoothness that has become synonymous with his live sets. A nice mix of tempos and grooves for the headspace.
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I’m Still Standing – Omar
Turned On To You – Eighties Ladies
Time To Get It Together (alternate extended mix) – Marvin Gaye
Perfect Timing – Mos Def
Step To This – The Hue
Michael Wycoff – Looking Up To You
Call Me – N’Dambi
Superficial – Amp Fiddler (Moodymann Mix)
Something So Right – The Twilte Tone
The Groove I Feel – Hamilton Bohannon
Beat The Street – Sharon Redd
Track 01 7:07
Mahogany Brown – Moodymann
On A Day Like Today – Gichy Dan’s Beachwood #9
Track 05 6:11
I.C.U – Karizma
The Bottle – Gil Scott (Daz I Kue re-do) 10:15
Trip To Your Mind – Hudson People


AYBEE | FOFO Mix Sessions

The fabled Fo Fo Mix Series done for the old Prescriptionworld website. All recorded on a Urei 1620LE to tape. (Yes it was “that” serious back then…)

The 1st of the now defunct FoFo Sessions. It has become a sentimental favorite. Featuring the sounds of: Laurentius, Francois K., Trinidadian Deep, Peven Everett, Jill Scott, and Ron Trent.

FoFo Sessions #2. Featuring the sounds of: IG Culture, Ron Trent, Jazzanova, Robert Strauss, and Osunlade.

FoFo Sessions #3. Featuring the sounds of: Passion Dance Orchestra, AYBEE, Floetry, Afrikan Sciences, and King Shakira.

FoFo Sessions 4. The last edition of the fabled FoFo Series. Featuring music from: Frankie Valentine, Ron Trent, 1luv, Prof. Delacroix, and Orion 70.



This mix is truly special to me. My first time DJ’ing at the now fabled NULIFE Party in San Francisco (2002-04). This mix represents the openness that the Nulife Fam curated. A special group of music lovers, and aficionados that came together to create a vibe that I will forever seek.

I remember getting on for the 1st time, and putting on my 1st record. People were looking at me like I had just shot someone. I thought to myself uh oh… Then someone came to the booth, and was like “What the hell is this? This song is Beautiful!” It is very very hard to find a gathering where people will roll with you musically no matter what emotional space your in, and these early years were truly a blessing. Nulife is, and will always serve as an intricate influence on the way I approach things DJ wise. A truly magical, and influential set of years in SF. I hope you enjoy the mix. – Armon