This mix is truly special to me. My first time DJ’ing at the now fabled NULIFE Party in San Francisco (2002-04). This mix represents the openness that the Nulife Fam curated. A special group of music lovers, and aficionados that came together to create a vibe that I will forever seek.

I remember getting on for the 1st time, and putting on my 1st record. People were looking at me like I had just shot someone. I thought to myself uh oh… Then someone came to the booth, and was like “What the hell is this? This song is Beautiful!” It is very very hard to find a gathering where people will roll with you musically no matter what emotional space your in, and these early years were truly a blessing. Nulife is, and will always serve as an intricate influence on the way I approach things DJ wise. A truly magical, and influential set of years in SF. I hope you enjoy the mix. – Armon

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