AYBEE | FOFO Mix Sessions

The fabled Fo Fo Mix Series done for the old Prescriptionworld website. All recorded on a Urei 1620LE to tape. (Yes it was “that” serious back then…)

The 1st of the now defunct FoFo Sessions. It has become a sentimental favorite. Featuring the sounds of: Laurentius, Francois K., Trinidadian Deep, Peven Everett, Jill Scott, and Ron Trent.

FoFo Sessions #2. Featuring the sounds of: IG Culture, Ron Trent, Jazzanova, Robert Strauss, and Osunlade.

FoFo Sessions #3. Featuring the sounds of: Passion Dance Orchestra, AYBEE, Floetry, Afrikan Sciences, and King Shakira.

FoFo Sessions 4. The last edition of the fabled FoFo Series. Featuring music from: Frankie Valentine, Ron Trent, 1luv, Prof. Delacroix, and Orion 70.

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