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Jonah Sharp (Reagenz) and AYBEE | Live at Forward D.C. 2015

Jonah Sharp and AYBEE

Here is 30 Minutes of Jonah Sharp and myself LIVE at the Forward 2015 Fest in D.C. This was beyond an honor on my part as Jonah represents a Yoda of sorts to many of us from the San Francisco Bay Area that live this music… He has been a pioneer & staple for more than 25 years, and also was the 1st person to give me the opportunity years back to perform live! So again to share the stage with him in a jam was a immense honor. Thanks David Fogel for making this happen. Here is 30mins before the recorder ran out of juice. 😉 Enjoy!


Video | Afrikan Sciences Record Release Party

A few highlights from Afrikan Sciences Record Release Party at Siete Potencias Africanas Gallery in San Francisco. Massive Love & Respect to ALL who braved some pretty terrible weather to come out and share some time & space with us. Along with the Celebration of Afrikan Sciences “Means and Ways” album it was also our 1st LIVE performance so I am doubly humbled, and grateful for the turnout. I would like to thank a few people who made the evening possible…

Afrikan Sciences for BEING
Salah + Maki for Hosting and opening his beautiful space for the evening.
James Healy (YAH Records) for the SOUND!
Jabari for driving the TOUR Bus (ha).
Cali and Amy for saving my azz after i left my mouse and keyboard at home.
Badi, Jonah Sharp & Billie. Meant alot to have you at our 1st LIVE go.
– Mighty Wazir for laying down grooves as only he can.
EPS1(Eddie) for rocking impromptu set from his Ipad when we had our 1st Crash.
– The cool German cat from Frankfurt that broke me off some vinyl from his label.

DJ Cecil & Moya and ALL else braved that weather. Thank You

Love | Respect | Power