Deepblak Chief Alchemist AYBEE returns unveiling “Worlds” his second full length on Deepblak , and follow up to 2009’s ground breaking “East Oakland Space Program”. Once again we embark on cross dimensional travels into rhythm as AYBEE dives head first into sonic landscapes. “Worlds” is a rhythmic cartography of the many moods of the Oakland, CA based producer. Fusing elements of the cosmic, and the deep as he mines through a host of emotional transitions of the last few years. True to AYBEE’s production aesthetics “Worlds” is full of depth, layers, and colors while touching on various tempos. Always seeking to expand the boundaries, AYBEE once again delivers a long play project that transports the listener while evading convention. We are very proud to present this album which is the first one in Deeplak’s new decade. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the trip.

It’s tempting to try to shed light on Aybee’s second LP by drawing comparisons to other sounds, but Worlds stands resolutely, almost stubbornly, on its own. – Little White Earbuds http://www.littlewhiteearbuds.com/review/aybee-worlds/#.UQpvER1lU0M

As clichéd as albums that set out to be journeys can be, Worlds is not—but it sure does evoke the feeling of travelling on board a spacecraft. From lift-off phase to encounters with lurching bass and beyond, things move at exactly the right pace.Resident Advisor – http://www.residentadvisor.net/review-view.aspx?id=11909

Listening closely to Aybee’s work — the sound is distinctly his own. When you listen through his tracks, you know he’s behind the controls. A unique sound that always finds another groove, another drum pattern, another world.Leisure Collective –http://weareleisure.com/in-our-ears/aybee-worlds/

Aybee’s is a different kind of deep. a deep that goes off into the cosmic infinity above you rather than the earthy depths below. threading together borderless ambiance, lurching bass and channeled techno grooves, worlds also seemed to document the voyage of a space shift deep into the unknown. – Teshno – http://www.teshno.com/2012/12/albums-of-the-year-2012.html


7 comments on “[DBR-V016] AYBEE – WORLDS LP

  1. Wonderful LP Armon. So many textures throughout and each listen makes me notice the subtle nuances to each track. Forward thinking as always. Full support. Good luck with the release. MB

  2. Looking forward to this release! Your sounds are 1 of a kind… So distinct. Will get day of realease. P.S. Hopefully you’ll be coming to the DMV (Washington D.C metro area) again!

  3. Amazing Release!!!! You will get my full support, seriously powerful music! Please dont stop, James. Dublin, Ireland.

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