[DBR-V012] AYBEE – Astral Metronome EP

AYBEE - Astral Metronome

AYBEE returns to start off Deepblak’s 2012 releases with his “ASTRAL Metronome” EP. The EP showcases three tracks dipped in the label heads usual otherness lacing rhythmic soundscapes that move the mind, and feet. All three tracks take an open ended approach while being held together with AYBEE’s signature affinity for deep rhythmic travels. Engage

2 comments on “[DBR-V012] AYBEE – Astral Metronome EP

  1. Everytime that i discover a new Deepblak release, I always have curiosity to see how far will goes Aybee this time… because when we all talk about our own labels we are always saying that we experiment with sounds and looking for new sounds …. But it always seems like Deepblak is ahead … actually it seems as we still experimenting with the sounds and he knows months ago what to do with them…..
    So…just check Astral metronome EP and you will see what i am trying to say.
    Dubbyman (Deep Explorer Music)

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