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Welcome to DEEPBLAK’s podcast series “Off The Grid”. OTG was created to feature the LIVE side of performance via sets from the DEEPBLAK cast, and cohorts. No rules just the artist, their gear, and whatever trajectory they decide to explore. The expectation is to have no expectation simply ride.

OTG [02] is provided by DEEPBLAK Rhythm Czar Eric Porter aka Afrikan Sciences. With his 2nd LP “Theta Wave Brain Sync” slated for Oct. 2013 he provides us with triumphant travel piloted by his unique metronome. If you are new to Afrikan Sciences then welcome. If you are already initiated then you know the score. Hold tight as we visit the distant lands that reside deep within your mind.

DEEPBLAK | OFF The Grid 02 | AFRIKAN SCIENCES by Deepblak on Mixcloud

DBR-D026 | AYBEE and AFRIKAN SCIENCES – The Nibiru Projekt EP

Oakland, CA based producers AYBEE and Afrikan Sciences emerge from the underground again laced with more pitch Deep otherness. Joining forces for their 1st EP “The Nibiru Projekt” represents 25th Century soul in true Deepblak mold.

Written and produced by Armon Bazile and Eric Porter for Deepblak Recordings 2010.
Deepblak Music (BMI)

DBR-D016 | Nibiru Projekt – We

Rhythm Czar Afrikan Sciences combines with Deepblak Chief Alchemist AYBEE to form The Nibiru Projekt. The first collaboration between two of the west coast’s most innovative producers marking their arrival in typical genre smashing mode.

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(DBR-D016) Written and Produced by A. Bazile (BMI), Eric Douglass (Nubian Hai) (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2008.