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[DBR-D031] o1o – Notes On Astro Liberation Theory Vol.1

AYBEE visits his o1o moniker again with Beats, Slap, Red Beans, and Comets…..
Emancipated Drums…

[FUR039] o1o (aka AYBEE) – A Futurespective LP

Once again I connected with Seattle based Further Records for the “o1o – Futurespective” album. In line with Deepblak’s 10th anniversary “A Futurespective” is a collection of some of Further label head Mark’s favorite recordings by myself under the “o1o” moniker. o1o is short for (Oaklands 1 and Only) and is the name I used when producing at a slower tempo. When Mark pitched the concept you know I was ALL-in. Per usual with Further the record is put together with gorgeous screen printed Artwork with a Limited Edition of 300 shipping worldwide August 15th. I hope you enjoy this project as much as we did putting it together.

Love, Respect, and Power


DBR-D025 | o1o – Bread and Circuses EP

o1o (aka AYBEE) surfaces once again with a package of cosmik slap from the Deepblak Hall of Science. On this ride he welcomes the sultry Malena Perez who lends her vocals on the Refuge track. Once again Deepblak broadens the sonic landscape continuing to further the sound.

o1o – The Undatow 2 in XLR8R

o1o - The Undatow 2

Abstract Beats, Broken, Downtempo:
“The Undatow 2”

This upstart Oakland, CA-based crew is going to heat up Fall 2008 with this smoking four-track EP. Picture future-funk and dreamy beats that lie between Flying Lotus and Boards of Canada territory. Evocative and supremely bumpin’. – XLR8R

DBR-D013 | o1o – The Undatow EP

o1o (Oakland’s 1 and Only) surfaces with a platter of Beatstrumentals in this 4 track Ep. The Undatow slang for “Undertow” represents Deepblak’s position as a rhythmic under-current. Engage your headphones as we navigate below the streets of Oakland.

[01] God Save The Town | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[02] Grits | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[03] F#ck TV | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[04] Goodbye | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3

(DBR-D013) Written and Produced by A. Bazile (BMI) (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2007. All Rights Reserved