Pursuit Grooves (aka 91 Fellows)

Pursuit Grooves (aka 91 Fellows)
91 Fellows is an alias of producer, vocalist, performer, visual artist Vanese Smith who also creates under the moniker “Pursuit Grooves” and with the group “GuSHee“. When speaking of electronic or hip hop producers who have made innovative contributions to their genre, females are rarely mentioned. Whether hard to find or never exposed, Pursuit Grooves is making it her business to deliver an important message to the world…WE DO EXIST! Refusing to be defined or labeled she graciously accepts all of her influences to create something that is distinctly her own while owing much to the past.

Smith started experimenting with production at the age of 14 and started DJing in college. Pursuit Grooves released her debut instrumental CD Fun Like Passion on her own label What Rules Records in July of 2006. Pursuit Grooves was selected as one of 60 participants out of 2300 applicants to take part in the Redbull Music Academy in Barcelona, Spain in October 2008. Her subsequent releases have gone on to be championed by the like of Gilles Peterson along with labels Tectonic, and Tokyo Dawn.

91 Fellows marks a different direction for Smith, being more focused on mood and less groove oriented. Smith creates a hypnotic world that wraps you in its unique structure capturing a mystical depth, space and time. 91 Fellows grew as a result of the passing of her grandfather. His spirit emanates, and allows Smith to move freely in a sonic universe of echoes, rhythmic gallops, and whispering tics forming equal parts strength and emotion. 91 Fellows is a full inner spiritual experience.

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Releases: [DBR-V014] Pursuit Grooves presents 91 Fellows

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