AYBEE VLOG | 7902 | Anatomy of a Good Weekend

Weekend runnings that start off Friday night with two of my favorite people in Dibiase & Nasrockswell of 10-Thirty Records. Grabbed a nice dinner (thanks Nas!) before Dibiase’s show with Tokimonsta, and Knxwledge. Got a chance to rap about Dibiase’s Bulls, and my concerns about them in the playoffs… Saturday I connected with Ron Trent who was in town for a gig. Good times per usual. Started work on our follow up to I.S.P’s “Across The Universe”, and was recommended a few unseen Boondock’s episodes the Ron suggested I allow into my conscience… Saturday night I caught Brendon Moeller performing LIVE in SF. He was laying down some great sounds, but unfortunately my vid did not come out to good so it did not make the Vlog. All in ALL a good weekend always begins, and ends with good people… here are a few moments.

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