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Sydenham AYBEE Trent - S.A.T

AYBEE joins Jerome Sydenham & Ron Trent for collaborative LP on Ibadan

Sydenham AYBEE Trent - S.A.T by Marie Staggat

Photo by Marie Staggat

A simple dinner in Berlin transforms into a studio session, which in turn evolves into a track, which sets the spark for what has now materialized as one of the most highly anticipated albums of late. These were the forces which turned a casual evening into an artistic crossroads for Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan Records), AYBEE (Deepblak Recordings), and Ron Trent (Prescription/Future Vision Records).

S.A.T short for Sydenham AYBEE, and Trent brings together the creative energies of three of underground dance music’s notable stalwarts. Jerome Sydenham long since etched into dance music history with his iconic NY based Ibadan Records responsible for some of the most memorable tunes of the last 20 years from a list of Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Dennis Ferrer and many many others. Ron Trent another legendary icon whom’s distinguished discography spans 20 plus years, and whose Prescription label also sits atop the pantheon of dance music’s most esteemed imprints. AYBEE a Trent discovery in 2001 has since gone on to establish himself as one of the most critically acclaimed, and forward pushing producers of the last plus decade with his Deepblak imprint producing a genre defiant, labeless sound that continues break new ground in the electronic spectrum.

With the mood in Jerome Sydenham’s Berlin studio loose, and organic the trio set out to produce an album full of the elements they love about the dance-floor experience. After three weeks of literally living in the studio the S.A.T album has emerged.

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[ FILM ] AYBEE VLOG | 7902 | Anatomy of a Good Weekend

Weekend runnings that start off Friday night with two of my favorite people in Dibiase & Nasrockswell of 10-Thirty Records. Grabbed a nice dinner (thanks Nas!) before Dibiase’s show with Tokimonsta, and Knxwledge. Got a chance to rap about Dibiase’s Bulls, and my concerns about them in the playoffs… Saturday I connected with Ron Trent who was in town for a gig. Good times per usual. Started work on our follow up to I.S.P’s “Across The Universe”, and was recommended a few unseen Boondock’s episodes the Ron suggested I allow into my conscience… Saturday night I caught Brendon Moeller performing LIVE in SF. He was laying down some great sounds, but unfortunately my vid did not come out to good so it did not make the Vlog. All in ALL a good weekend always begins, and ends with good people… here are a few moments.

AYBEE | i-D Magazine Mix

Promoting stillness through sound, Deepblak Recordings is the visionary label releasing left-of-field soundscapes and entering subliminal voids with their omnipotent rhythm.

Placing an emphasis on dance-floor inspired soul, Aybee describes the paths he uses to discover new talent as “a natural evolution of musical dialogue, that takes place organically between a family of artists.” | Read full interview >

AYBEE for Deepblak i-D Mag Mix by i-D

Deepblak | Summer Releases and Movementz…

Much to cover so i will get right to it. We are half way through Deepblak’s 10th year, and i have had little time to breathe. Here’s what we have upcoming. June 7th the “AYBEE – 11:11 EP (DBR-V007)” hits stores on vinyl. I just received the Testpress from the “o1o – A Futurespective EP (FUR009)” coming on Further Records realease date (tba). July brings Afrikan Sciences much heralded project to vinyl with the “Means and Way’s EP (DBR-V008) “ with additional remixes. In August Malena Perez and AYBEE debut as the group “Traveling Phoenix” to drop the “The Ascenion EP (DBR-D030)”. As i type i am finalizing a project with Miles Sagnia for his Atmospheric Existence Label which should be hitting stores mid-summer.

September brings Damon Bell with his “Kush Musik Wax EP (DBR-V009)” also with additional remixes. Rounding out September is the “10 Years of Deepblak CD (DBR-CD001)” celebrating some of Deepblak’s pivotal releases along with a few new gems. Deep breath…also be on the lookout for an AYBEE remix coming on Tsuba for Ethyl & Huxley ‘Reflexions’, and the long awaited Blak Punk Soundsystem (Ron Trent & AYBEE) EP on Future Vision. Ok now that i got that all out…back to work. Blessings to ALL


[ FILM ] AYBEE VLOG | 7899 | Ron Trent in SF

The Mighty Ron Trent was in town this past weekend to get down with Damon Bell at his Loose Joints party in SF. A fantastic opportunity to hear some great music delivered by one of the masters of the Art, and get in some sorely need catch up time/building. When Ron comes to town it’s never a problem getting the Jedi Council together as heads know this will be one of the few opportunities to conjure the electromagnetic frequencies that are needed for sustenance. With laser precision Ron delivered. Transporting SF’s packed Make Out Room into dance-floors past, present, and future at the same time. Below are some moments from the evening, but before you indulge I want to make something’s clear.

There is a beautiful sequence where two of the dancers (Paul Atkinson and Patrick Wilson) get into what we call releasing the God-Self. Understand that this is an alcohol/drug free exchange of Rhythmic Call and Response. What you are witnessing is not two guys dancing, but the Spirit using their physical bodies(the host) to respond to the Call for which Ron is the conduit. This is an essential element of the Science for which we partake. The Rhythm is not profane…understand this. With that stated enjoy. Love and Light to ALL.

DBR-D027 | Deepblak presents BLAKTROPOLIS vol.2

Welcome again to BLAKTROPOLIS the future city of Sound. Once again within vol. 2 we find a wide tapestry of sonic excursions. Along for this trip you will find many familiar faces from BLAKTROPOLIS vol. 1 accompanied by a fresh set of contributions from 17 year-old prodigy Shen-7, Damon Bell, Exes4Eyes, Lady Blacktronika, Anansi 70, Oakland songstress Omega, DJ Cecil, and the Legendary Ron Trent. Compiled by AYBEE these selections stay true to the Deepblak pursuit of Sonic Freedom. We hope you enjoy.

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AYBEE – In The Headspace March 2010

AYBEE – In The Headspace March 2010

GB/The Beach Boyz – “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” (Mathematics)
Lars Bartkuhn – Goodbye Dancing Hello God (Sonar Kollectiv)
Robert Glasper – Festival (Blue Note)
Pink Floyd – Time (EMI)
AYBEE – Vertigo (Further)
Jay Electronica – Exhibit C (Decon)
Jenifa Mayaja – Eye of the Storm (BuMako)
Norman Connors – Dance of Magic (RCA)
DJ Spider – Crack Factory (Plan B)
Ron Trent and Erik Rico – Sensation (Future Vision)
Jus-Ed – 20 Below (Underground Quality)
Stevie Wonder – 10 Zillion Light Years
Alex Smith (Omar S) – Plesetsk Cosmodrome (FXHE)
Black Jazz Consortium – Far Away (Soul People Music)
Glenn Underground – Friendly Sky’s (Moods and Grooves)
Chick Corea – Earth Juice (Polydor)
Tazz – Acid Love (Underground Quality)
Patrice Scott – Distance Against Time (Sistrum)
Alicia Keys – Un-Thinkable (J Records)
AYBEE and Omega – Every Kind of Way (cdr)

AYBEE | In The Headspace July 2009

Everything Michael Jackson…RIP man RIP…

Cebolla – Fantasy and Fame (cdr)
Jonny Miller – Switch It (Jus Listen)
Blaktroniks – Scatter Chat (Deepblak)
Pursuit Grooves – Fear of Genetic Engineers (What Rules)
Internationational Pony – The Royal Pennekaums
Damon Bell – Ezuku (Deepblak)
Fred P. – Something Old (Soul People Music)
o1o – Moonstalk (cdr)
Akiko Kiyama – You Won’t Speak To Me
Ron Trent – Manifesto (AYBEE’s Blak Space Federation Slap) (cdr)
Kaidi Tatham – Swift Inspiration (Freedom School)
Ashford and Simpson – It Seems to Hang On
Ronnie Milsap – Any Day Now
Ron Trent – Hooked On Your Love
Imagination – Burnin Up
Jay-Z – DOA
Pursuit Grooves – Petrol Water Feeders
Wayman Tisdale – Amazing Grace
Stanley Clarke – Lisa