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AYBEE VLOG | 7899 | Ron Trent in SF

The Mighty Ron Trent was in town this past weekend to get down with Damon Bell at his Loose Joints party in SF. A fantastic opportunity to hear some great music delivered by one of the masters of the Art, and get in some sorely need catch up time/building. When Ron comes to town it’s never a problem getting the Jedi Council together as heads know this will be one of the few opportunities to conjure the electromagnetic frequencies that are needed for sustenance. With laser precision Ron delivered. Transporting SF’s packed Make Out Room into dance-floors past, present, and future at the same time. Below are some moments from the evening, but before you indulge I want to make something’s clear.

There is a beautiful sequence where two of the dancers (Paul Atkinson and Patrick Wilson) get into what we call releasing the God-Self. Understand that this is an alcohol/drug free exchange of Rhythmic Call and Response. What you are witnessing is not two guys dancing, but the Spirit using their physical bodies(the host) to respond to the Call for which Ron is the conduit. This is an essential element of the Science for which we partake. The Rhythm is not profane…understand this. With that stated enjoy. Love and Light to ALL.


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