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Deepblak presents Blaktropolis Vol.1

[DBR-D020] Deepblak presents BLAKTROPOLIS vol. 1

V/A – Deepblak presents BLAKTROPOLIS

In the not so Distant Future these are the sounds of BLAKTROPOLIS the city of Soul and Sound

Freshest shit this year, off the meter!

Yes I. Dope shit as usual!. Love especially the Aybee rmx of Dozie.
– Enrico (isoul8) Archive/Neroli

The DOZIE I have been playing for months on the show – KILLS me everytime, so much soul, emotion, feeling in the delivery !  Its been a big favourite of mine in 2008.
– Mickey Blanco (Visions UK)

The 3-track teaser I got sounds dope again: the very dark, futuristic and industrial ‘Solaris’ venturing in the techno/IDM space is my absolute favorite. This would fit just perfect with those fly-by scenes of Blade Runner! There’s also a great Aybee remix for Dozie’s soulful vocals on ‘Sensuality’, and the experimental breaks of Afrikan Sciences in ‘A Decision’. My ears are eager to hear more!
– Lensco (Beyondjazz.net)

Just when I thought I had heard everything, along comes a disc out of nowhere to truly mess my head up. The music I’m referring to is Blaktropolis Vol 1 from Deepblak recordings. This compilation features futuristic soul in an array of styles from house, spiritual jazz, tribal and broken beat that will have you asking yourself, “Where did these guys come from?”
– Reg Dancy, 10/08 (Basic Soul, UK)

(DBR-D020) Various Artists (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2008. All Rights Reserved

o1o – The Undatow 2 in XLR8R

o1o - The Undatow 2

Abstract Beats, Broken, Downtempo:
“The Undatow 2”

This upstart Oakland, CA-based crew is going to heat up Fall 2008 with this smoking four-track EP. Picture future-funk and dreamy beats that lie between Flying Lotus and Boards of Canada territory. Evocative and supremely bumpin’. – XLR8R

DBR-D019 - o1o The Undatow 2

[DBR-D019] o1o – The Undatow Pt.2

o1o follow his 1st outing with another platter of genre bending beats and compositions. Once again in true Deepblak mold pushing all the way off the cliff. Special website exclusive remix by UK Booty Shaker Simbad with his (Conscious Mix) of Bunny Rabbitz.

(DBR-D019) Written and Produced by A. Bazile (BMI). *Additional production by Simbad. (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2008. All Rights Reserved

[DBR-D013] o1o – The Undatow EP

o1o (Oakland’s 1 and Only) surfaces with a platter of Beatstrumentals in this 4 track Ep. The Undatow represents Deepblak’s position as a rhythmic under-current. Engage your headphones as we navigate below the streets of Oakland.

(DBR-D013) Written and Produced by A. Bazile (BMI) (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2007. All Rights Reserved

[DBR-D002] FEMI – Changes (o1o Manifest Dub)

Oakland Soul Sista Femi gets the o1o wax-up…

Changes (o1o Manifest Dub) | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3

(DBR-D002) Written and Produced by FEMI for Musique Noir Productions. Additional Production done by Armon Bazile. (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2005.


Armon Bazile by Marie Staggat
Armon Bazile // Chief Alchemist // Deepblak (formerly known as AYBEE)

Everything is included in the Sound….

CDR Berlin (2013)

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A Message | A Film by AYBEE (2016) from Deepblak on Vimeo.

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