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DBR-HDC001 | E.B.Rha (AYBEE, Erik Rico and Rhamis Kent) – Arizmendi Jam

This one has been sitting on the Hardrive for a few years (2006). One for the Bruk or Broken Beat heads. This joint came about as a collaboration between myself Erik Rico, and Rhamis Kent. Affectionately called the Arizmendi Jam after the pizza spot in Oakland where we would meet up at when Erik Rico was in town from LA. One day we were sitting there eating, and Rhamis says “Yo let’s go get down on some stuff.”

So we headed back to my crib, and I pulled up a track that I had sitting. Erik started vibing loaded up some synths, and we were off. A fun collabo taking turns adding elements. Erik layed the synths and Bass, I layed the pads, and Rha added another Bassline. Goodtimes. I miss that time when so many producers were letting go of the 4×4 and running for the fence (sigh). I hope you can dig. This is the 1st of several things I will be giving away over the next yearin celebration of Deepblak’s 10 Year Anniversary.

Love Respect & Power

E.B.Rha (AYBEE, Erik Rico and Rhamis Kent) – Arizmendi Jam (Free Download) by deepblak

DBR-D027 | Deepblak presents BLAKTROPOLIS vol.2

Welcome again to BLAKTROPOLIS the future city of Sound. Once again within vol. 2 we find a wide tapestry of sonic excursions. Along for this trip you will find many familiar faces from BLAKTROPOLIS vol. 1 accompanied by a fresh set of contributions from 17 year-old prodigy Shen-7, Damon Bell, Exes4Eyes, Lady Blacktronika, Anansi 70, Oakland songstress Omega, DJ Cecil, and the Legendary Ron Trent. Compiled by AYBEE these selections stay true to the Deepblak pursuit of Sonic Freedom. We hope you enjoy.

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AYBEE – In The Headspace March 2010

AYBEE – In The Headspace March 2010

GB/The Beach Boyz – “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” (Mathematics)
Lars Bartkuhn – Goodbye Dancing Hello God (Sonar Kollectiv)
Robert Glasper – Festival (Blue Note)
Pink Floyd – Time (EMI)
AYBEE – Vertigo (Further)
Jay Electronica – Exhibit C (Decon)
Jenifa Mayaja – Eye of the Storm (BuMako)
Norman Connors – Dance of Magic (RCA)
DJ Spider – Crack Factory (Plan B)
Ron Trent and Erik Rico – Sensation (Future Vision)
Jus-Ed – 20 Below (Underground Quality)
Stevie Wonder – 10 Zillion Light Years
Alex Smith (Omar S) – Plesetsk Cosmodrome (FXHE)
Black Jazz Consortium – Far Away (Soul People Music)
Glenn Underground – Friendly Sky’s (Moods and Grooves)
Chick Corea – Earth Juice (Polydor)
Tazz – Acid Love (Underground Quality)
Patrice Scott – Distance Against Time (Sistrum)
Alicia Keys – Un-Thinkable (J Records)
AYBEE and Omega – Every Kind of Way (cdr)

Deepblak | Eastbay Express Feature (2009)

East Bay Express - Fade to Deepblak (2010)

Fade to Deepblak
How an East Oakland native creates space for techno.
By Zoneil Maharaj

As head of the innovative Oakland-based label Deepblak Recordings, producer Armon Bazile always has his eyes wide open to the pulse of emerging music in the Bay Area. “The musical underground railroad is rumbling,” he said. “There’s some brilliant stuff going on, especially here in Oakland. A lot of people are taking chances again.” But for Bazile (aka Aybee), it’s been an uphill battle without armor. Read Full Article >>

Video | Deepblak Summer 09

Much movement on the Deepblak scene in this summer of 2009. I don’t quite know where to start so here goes. The summer kicked off with the release of the AYBEE – East Oakland Space Program LP. A huge amount of gratitude to all who reached out to me about the album. Your words of appreciation, and encouragement are the currency that I cash in on my not so creative days. For me as an artist there is a profound sense of humility that comes from throwing your music into the void, and having uplifted voices come back to you.


We then followed up with releases from Blaktroniks with their SlapMatik EP, and Damon Bell with Kush Musik pt.1. I was very honored to be able to champion these cats. Blaktroniks who have been solo pioneers on the Oakland Electronic front since the mid 90’s, in many ways laid the foundation for Deepblak to be born. It was from what I saw them do that gave me inspiration to follow my voice. So for them to release on Deepblak brought things full circle, and has sparked something that I can’t quite find words for at the moment.

Damon Bell since coming to Oakland from So. Cali has been a consistent purveyor of all things Deep. I also feel very blessed to be able to play host to his solo debut, which was his Kush Musik pt.1 EP. Outside of being a solid Producer/DJ, Damon is a solid Spirit that contributes greatly the ethos of the Deepblak mission. Kush Musik has been getting great support (thanks all), so we will try and roll those vibes over into Kush Musik pt.2, which will surface around late fall.

On my front this year is turning out to be the year of the collaboration with projects underway with: Afrikan Sciences, Fred. P (Black Jazz Consortium), Erik Rico, Damon Bell, Trinidadian Deep, Malena Perez, and an EP coming on the mighty Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality label. I am very excited about the coming outputs of these projects. There will be much activity in the Deepblak Hall Of Science

Late summer will also see the release of the o1o – Bread and Circuses LP for my Celestial Slap heads. With tons of beats and pieces. All this leads into the fall with the release of the BLAKTROPOLIS II compilation featuring new Deepblak material along with music from FAM around the globe. There’s also a new face coming into the Deepblak fold…I’ll just say two words…Aku9 (aka Lady Blaktronika). Brace yourselves for some amazing sonics coming this way this fall.

As you can see I have my work cut out for me, and there are several special treats that I will save for a later date. It will give me another excuse to connect with you. Again BIG respect for the support, and continue to spread the word. Much growth ahead and I hope that we continue to grow together.

Love | Respect | Power


Deepblak Recordings Summer 09 from Deepblak on Vimeo.

AYBEE - East Oakland Space Program

[DBR-D022] AYBEE – East Oakland Space Program

Deepblak Chief Alchemist AYBEE unveils his window into the world known as the East Oakland Space Program. This highly anticipated solo album from AYBEE pushes rhythm, and beats far beyond the expectations defined for the urban experience. This project carves musical space for something uniquely Oakland, and resoundingly cosmic. On this trip the talents of Erik Rico, Paul Randolph, Afrikan Sciences, Blaktroniks, and local siren Karyn Paige join AYBEE. In true Deepblak mode all styles are open, avant-garde, and forward. Enjoy

This album is dedicated to the many faces that are swept away by the streets in silence. For those that remain understand that there is a better way, a higher frequency that can lead you to the greatness of who you truly are. I hope that you open your ears, and soul as we journey inward through the Rhythm.





Visionary! – Fred P. (Black Jazz Consortium/ Soul People Music NY)

vission in session

Welcome to the 25th century soundscape, ocean deep basslines, organic vox and a hotbed of rising talent collaborations, welcome to Aybee’s debut album. Welcome to the future! ESOP needs no genre classifications or box ticking exercises, this is electronic music in its finest form. – Mickey Blanco (Soulfulbeats. Visions UK)



By george, this shit is the bomb! the meter has spoken… and brokenAtjazz / Atjazz Record Co.


HOTTRon Trent (Prescription/Future Vision)

An amazing release by a real artist!
An album you can actually listen to!
Once again thanx for sending this
peaceEnrico [volcov / Isoul8]

Aybee’s 2008 release “Blacktropolis” was one of the most pleasant surprises to blare out of my speakers. “East Oakland Space Program” builds on the soulful futuristic sound that has made Aybee a visionary to be reckoned with. “EOSP” contains thirteen heart pounding tracks that will dive deep into your body and force you move to the hypnotic rhythms. The disc begins with “Hidden Treasures”, a deep pulsating groove reminiscent of the early Detroit techno sound. “Windows” is a warm, atmospheric deep dish that’s anchored by the earthy arrangements by Aybee and the vocals of Karen Paige. Another winner is “No Mystery” featuring Paul Randolph, whose deep vocals are a perfect match for Aybee’s spacey compositions. “Love Of” and “Ozzie Davis” are the kind of deep house jazz tracks you’ll love whether you’re on the dance floor or just lounging. “EOSP” is full of funky beats, hip vocals and gorgeous rhythms. This is another quality recording from the Deepblak label that will provide definite satisfaction.
Reg Dancy (Catchagroove.com)


Written and produced by Armon Bazile (BMI) for Deepblak Recordings 2009.

*01 Co-Written by E. Porter

*04 Co-Written by Karyn Paige

*06 Co-Written by Erik Rico (Lifenotes Music)

*08 Co-Written by Paul Randolph

*10 Co-Written by Eddie Smith

Recorded Mixed, and Engineered by AYBEE at the Deepblak Hall of Science, Oakland California © Deepblak Recordings 2009

(DBR-D022) (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2009. All Rights Reserved

DBR-D022 | AYBEE – East Oakland Space Program coming 5.5.09

AYBEE - East Oakland Space Program

AYBEE – East Oakland Space Program (DBR-D022)
Much anticipated debut album from Deepblak Chief Alchemist AYBEE. Featuring appearances by Erik Rico, FEMI, Paul Randolph, Afrikan Sciences, Karen Paige, and Blaktroniks. Release Date pushed back to May 5th, 2009.

AYBEE @ The People (Oakland) | 2009

Footage of me getting down with the fam at the legendary thePeople party in Oakland. Despite my allergies acting up the vibe was thick. My man Erik Rico blew some wigs with his performance letting people sample some live 25th Century Soul…Love | Respect | Power to Cecil, Cali, Amy, B-Brown, and Hey Love for invite. They left an irreplaceable legacy in Oakland.

Deepblak presents Blaktropolis Vol.1

[DBR-D020] Deepblak presents BLAKTROPOLIS vol. 1

V/A – Deepblak presents BLAKTROPOLIS

In the not so Distant Future these are the sounds of BLAKTROPOLIS the city of Soul and Sound

Freshest shit this year, off the meter!

Yes I. Dope shit as usual!. Love especially the Aybee rmx of Dozie.
– Enrico (isoul8) Archive/Neroli

The DOZIE I have been playing for months on the show – KILLS me everytime, so much soul, emotion, feeling in the delivery !  Its been a big favourite of mine in 2008.
– Mickey Blanco (Visions UK)

The 3-track teaser I got sounds dope again: the very dark, futuristic and industrial ‘Solaris’ venturing in the techno/IDM space is my absolute favorite. This would fit just perfect with those fly-by scenes of Blade Runner! There’s also a great Aybee remix for Dozie’s soulful vocals on ‘Sensuality’, and the experimental breaks of Afrikan Sciences in ‘A Decision’. My ears are eager to hear more!
– Lensco (Beyondjazz.net)

Just when I thought I had heard everything, along comes a disc out of nowhere to truly mess my head up. The music I’m referring to is Blaktropolis Vol 1 from Deepblak recordings. This compilation features futuristic soul in an array of styles from house, spiritual jazz, tribal and broken beat that will have you asking yourself, “Where did these guys come from?”
– Reg Dancy, 10/08 (Basic Soul, UK)

(DBR-D020) Various Artists (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2008. All Rights Reserved

AYBEE | In the Headspace | July 2008

In the Headspace | July 2008

Blaktroniks – Mechanized Soul LP (Rubaiyat)
AYBEE and Trinidadian Deep – Contact (cdr)
6th Burough Project – Just A Memory (L.E.S.S. Productions)
Incognito – Freedom To love (Heads Up Intl.)
Inverse Cinematics – Detroit Jazzin (Pulver)
Afrikan Sciences – Thresh (cdr)
Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel (Warp)
AYBEE and Erik Rico – Music (cdr)
Jazz Liberators – U Do Feat. Stacy Epps (Kif recordings)
Outkast – Liberation (La Face)
Swing Out Sister – After Hours (Polygram)
George Benson and Earl Klugh – Mimosa (Warner Bros.)
Simbad – Oblique Suga Slow Mowgly Remix

AYBEE | In the Headspace | March 2008

In The Headspace March 2008

Trinidadian Deep – Yoruba Path (Cdr)
Reel People ft. Tony Momrelle – It Will Be (Papa)
Dozie- Sensuality (Aybee’s Midnite Creep) (Cdr)
Jose James – Spirits Above (Simbad Remix) (Brownswood)
Afefe Iku – Mirror Dance (Yoruba)
Bassdrumrocker (Jazztech Overdrive)- Karl Moestl (Defusion)
Ram Jam – Black Betty
Seal – Still Love Remains (WB)
Nibiru Projekt – We (Deepblak CDR)
George Benson & Earl Klugh – Collaboration (WB)
Dave Valetin – Sidra’s Valetin (GRP)
Erik Rico – Space Age (Lifenotes)
Brisa – 10,000 Miles Away (Nitegrooves)