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AYBEE VLOG | 7906 | SoN’y Rays

A few moments from the 1st SoN’y Rays which is Deepblak’s quarterly gathering diving into LIVE cosmic beats, rhythms, and space travel from the Deepblak cast & fam. Here are a few seconds of what was an amazing set up of Afrikan Sciences, AYBEE, LA Beat Master Dibia$e, and EPS1 of Blaktroniks all wired to jam LIVE. Unfortunately our videographer had to cancel so we don’t have much footage, but you can get an idea of the mode… prepping for 02 stay locked.

AYBEE | i-D Magazine Mix

Promoting stillness through sound, Deepblak Recordings is the visionary label releasing left-of-field soundscapes and entering subliminal voids with their omnipotent rhythm.

Placing an emphasis on dance-floor inspired soul, Aybee describes the paths he uses to discover new talent as “a natural evolution of musical dialogue, that takes place organically between a family of artists.” | Read full interview >

AYBEE for Deepblak i-D Mag Mix by i-D

Video | Afrikan Sciences Record Release Party

A few highlights from Afrikan Sciences Record Release Party at Siete Potencias Africanas Gallery in San Francisco. Massive Love & Respect to ALL who braved some pretty terrible weather to come out and share some time & space with us. Along with the Celebration of Afrikan Sciences “Means and Ways” album it was also our 1st LIVE performance so I am doubly humbled, and grateful for the turnout. I would like to thank a few people who made the evening possible…

Afrikan Sciences for BEING
Salah + Maki for Hosting and opening his beautiful space for the evening.
James Healy (YAH Records) for the SOUND!
Jabari for driving the TOUR Bus (ha).
Cali and Amy for saving my azz after i left my mouse and keyboard at home.
Badi, Jonah Sharp & Billie. Meant alot to have you at our 1st LIVE go.
– Mighty Wazir for laying down grooves as only he can.
EPS1(Eddie) for rocking impromptu set from his Ipad when we had our 1st Crash.
– The cool German cat from Frankfurt that broke me off some vinyl from his label.

DJ Cecil & Moya and ALL else braved that weather. Thank You

Love | Respect | Power

Blaktroniks | Feb. 2011 | Podcast

BLAKTRONIKS Podcast Feb. 2011

01. Swedeart – Wonkybikez – Emotional Colors (Tokyo Dawn)
02. Merry Go Round – The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen EP “Superconductor”…produced by Simon Muschinsky
03. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Roses – The Heart (Tokyo Dawn)
04. GoapeleMilk and Honey (AYBEE’s Gorilla In Trunk Slap)
05. Amalia – Zebra Butt-A-Fly (feat. Probe DMS) (Tokyo Dawn) cooming soon!
06. Blaktroniks – Yall Know (studio mix-up) not fit for release.

DBR-D027 | Deepblak presents BLAKTROPOLIS vol.2

Welcome again to BLAKTROPOLIS the future city of Sound. Once again within vol. 2 we find a wide tapestry of sonic excursions. Along for this trip you will find many familiar faces from BLAKTROPOLIS vol. 1 accompanied by a fresh set of contributions from 17 year-old prodigy Shen-7, Damon Bell, Exes4Eyes, Lady Blacktronika, Anansi 70, Oakland songstress Omega, DJ Cecil, and the Legendary Ron Trent. Compiled by AYBEE these selections stay true to the Deepblak pursuit of Sonic Freedom. We hope you enjoy.

Release CreditsPDF

Deepblak | Eastbay Express Feature

East Bay Express - Fade to Deepblak (2010)

Fade to Deepblak
How an East Oakland native creates space for techno.
By Zoneil Maharaj

As head of the innovative Oakland-based label Deepblak Recordings, producer Armon Bazile always has his eyes wide open to the pulse of emerging music in the Bay Area. “The musical underground railroad is rumbling,” he said. “There’s some brilliant stuff going on, especially here in Oakland. A lot of people are taking chances again.” But for Bazile (aka Aybee), it’s been an uphill battle without armor. Read Full Article >>

DBR-D023 | Blaktroniks – SlapMatik EP

BLAKTRONIKs – “SLAPMATIK” is taking the beats back to basics.

“We are all about hard beats, bass lines, and razor sharp melodies”. This time it’s all about the hardware sounds and samples. No smoke and mirrors, just beats that stomp a mud hole in your ears. Blaktroniks has a long discography of creative style and productions.
Oakland artists Edd Dee Pee, MC Veda 36, and Percepticon have developed a tele-presence in the electronic music industry for more than a decade genre bending sounds.

Percepticon plays guitar, write compose, arrange, and design etc. Edd Dee Pee drum programming, digital processing, and bass playing makes up a good team for a SlapMatik style. Making music with a focus, and knowing when to have fun at the same time.

“When I (Edd) was a kid I use to hook up a drum machine to the deck in my ride and put my home stereo speakers in the trunk”. Everything must bump or slap. When we added the technology to the equation, it became electronic. Now it only made sense to bring the two elements together and form the SlapMatik EP. – Edd Dee Pee

Some dope tunes in da EP, gr8 vibe and original soundin, playin & chartin
big up da Oakland massiiiiiiiiiiive !!!! – Simbad

All songs written and produced by Blaktroniks for Deepblak Recordings (c) 2009