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AYBEE VLOG | 7906 | SoN’y Rays

A few moments from the 1st SoN’y Rays which is Deepblak’s quarterly gathering diving into LIVE cosmic beats, rhythms, and space travel from the Deepblak cast & fam. Here are a few seconds of what was an amazing set up of Afrikan Sciences, AYBEE, LA Beat Master Dibia$e, and EPS1 of Blaktroniks all wired to jam LIVE. Unfortunately our videographer had to cancel so we don’t have much footage, but you can get an idea of the mode… prepping for 02 stay locked.

Motives & Summer Musings

Was reflecting on the weekend just passed, and was a bit overcome with gratitude over the present creative environment in which I find myself. I connect with my friends…we cook, eat, check in, and then the creative process runs it’s course. It means everything to me that our music/label is not what we do, but an extension of who we are. It’s not about hitting the studio, but the things that lead one into the studio. Living life… the process, and the articulation of that path with the tools we have. I have been leaving our gatherings, phone converstaions, and skype’s filled with inspiration. Filled with excitement as I watch us all push, and grow. It is a truly humbling, and beautiful feeling. Much great music enroute from Pursuit Grooves, Blaktroniks, Shen 07, Damon Bell, Afrikan Sciences and myself. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy living it. Love, Respekt, and Power Always.


[DBR-V009] Damon Bell – Kush Musik Wax

Damon Bell - Kush Musik Wax


Damon Bell returns with his first vinyl offering Kush Musik Wax. A collection of productions from his previous Kush Musik Series including a remix from label head AYBEE. We are very proud to present Kush Musik Wax as now Damon can add his own vinyl to his amazing collection, and you should follow. Much more in the pipeline for Damon. Stay tuned…

A1. Ezuku
A2. Idiya
B1. Kymestry
B2. Ezuku (AYBEE’s Gorilla Dub)

US > Crosstalk International
EU > Juno

DBR-D028 | Damon Bell – Kush Musik pt. 2

Damon Bell returns with pt.2 of his much heralded Kush Musik series. Laced with
smooth engaging rhythms Damon again crafts music for multiple head-spaces. If you know Damon personally you can testify that his productions are totally in sync with his personality. Smooth, welcoming, with a subtle complexity are all things that come to mind when one thinks of Damon, and i am always perplexed as to how he manages to convey these themes consistently within his productions. We hope you enjoy. ~ a.

Written and produced by Damon Bell for Deepblak Recordings 2010.

Damon Bell – Kush Musik pt. 2 from Deepblak on Vimeo.

[DBR-D029] Afrikan Sciences – Means and Ways LP >>