AYBEE - East Oakland Space Program

[DBR-D022] AYBEE – East Oakland Space Program

Deepblak Chief Alchemist AYBEE unveils his window into the world known as the East Oakland Space Program. This highly anticipated solo album from AYBEE pushes rhythm, and beats far beyond the expectations defined for the urban experience. This project carves musical space for something uniquely Oakland, and resoundingly cosmic. On this trip the talents of Erik Rico, Paul Randolph, Afrikan Sciences, Blaktroniks, and local siren Karyn Paige join AYBEE. In true Deepblak mode all styles are open, avant-garde, and forward. Enjoy

This album is dedicated to the many faces that are swept away by the streets in silence. For those that remain understand that there is a better way, a higher frequency that can lead you to the greatness of who you truly are. I hope that you open your ears, and soul as we journey inward through the Rhythm.





Visionary! – Fred P. (Black Jazz Consortium/ Soul People Music NY)

vission in session

Welcome to the 25th century soundscape, ocean deep basslines, organic vox and a hotbed of rising talent collaborations, welcome to Aybee’s debut album. Welcome to the future! ESOP needs no genre classifications or box ticking exercises, this is electronic music in its finest form. – Mickey Blanco (Soulfulbeats. Visions UK)



By george, this shit is the bomb! the meter has spoken… and brokenAtjazz / Atjazz Record Co.


HOTTRon Trent (Prescription/Future Vision)

An amazing release by a real artist!
An album you can actually listen to!
Once again thanx for sending this
peaceEnrico [volcov / Isoul8]

Aybee’s 2008 release “Blacktropolis” was one of the most pleasant surprises to blare out of my speakers. “East Oakland Space Program” builds on the soulful futuristic sound that has made Aybee a visionary to be reckoned with. “EOSP” contains thirteen heart pounding tracks that will dive deep into your body and force you move to the hypnotic rhythms. The disc begins with “Hidden Treasures”, a deep pulsating groove reminiscent of the early Detroit techno sound. “Windows” is a warm, atmospheric deep dish that’s anchored by the earthy arrangements by Aybee and the vocals of Karen Paige. Another winner is “No Mystery” featuring Paul Randolph, whose deep vocals are a perfect match for Aybee’s spacey compositions. “Love Of” and “Ozzie Davis” are the kind of deep house jazz tracks you’ll love whether you’re on the dance floor or just lounging. “EOSP” is full of funky beats, hip vocals and gorgeous rhythms. This is another quality recording from the Deepblak label that will provide definite satisfaction.
Reg Dancy (Catchagroove.com)


Written and produced by Armon Bazile (BMI) for Deepblak Recordings 2009.

*01 Co-Written by E. Porter

*04 Co-Written by Karyn Paige

*06 Co-Written by Erik Rico (Lifenotes Music)

*08 Co-Written by Paul Randolph

*10 Co-Written by Eddie Smith

Recorded Mixed, and Engineered by AYBEE at the Deepblak Hall of Science, Oakland California © Deepblak Recordings 2009

(DBR-D022) (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2009. All Rights Reserved

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