With a versatility that is genre defiant AYBEE (Armon Bazile) consistently traverses the boundaries of Techno, House, Experimental, and Hip Hop seamlessly. While becoming a pillar for soul rooted forward rhythms, AYBEE’s work continues to expand sonic boundaries of the possible.

Emerging from his native Oakland, CA, AYBEE comes from a steep family tradition of music, innovation, and artistic exploration. Seeds planted by his New Orleans based grandfather who ran a small Jazz label, and uncle who ran a short lived disco imprint “Armour” in the late 70’s. It was the uplifting power of “Black Experience”, and dance that pushed AYBEE to embark on the exploration of himself as an artist in the early 00’s.

In 2001 AYBEE launched Deepblak Recordings as a creative outlet for his music. Ultimately catching the attention of legendary House DJ/Producer Ron Trent. This chance meeting led to Trent signing AYBEE to the iconic Prescription Records imprint, and releasing his first 12”. Soon after AYBEE along with Trent would come together to co-found Prescription sub-label Future Vision.

AYBEE since has gone on to establish himself as one of the most innovative, and boundary dissolving producers with more than a decade plus worth of projects to his credit. These include the ground-breaking Ancient Tones LP (Further Records), his critically acclaimed “WORLDS LP” (Deepblak), and his Miles Davis homage & collaborative LP “Sketches Of Space” with label mate Afrikan Sciences. Always pushing future forward rhythms to bare AYBEE’s sound palette keeps evolving in the pursuit of ever deeper truths embedded within the dance experience. A baton picked up that was left by the Be-Bop & Fusion era’s.

Deepblak’s ethos of diasporic electronics allied with rhythmic exploration are key tenets in development of the label. Maintaining a fresh balance between eclecticism, and what has playfully come to be described as “Free Techno”, Deepblak’s releases seek to champion the impulse of freedom for the artist to speak with the full palette of rhythm.

Always open to expanding the sound AYBEE has branched out to work with other prominent labels such as; Sound Of Speed (Japan), Further Records, Atjazz Record Co., Burek, Soul People Music, Yoruba, Deeply Rooted, Soul Jazz, and Dogmatik to name a few.

Based in Berlin since 2012 AYBEE continues to evolve his sound, and creative reach via DJ, LIVE performance, and Film. Feeling empowered with the seeds of the “Culture” and a deep love of musical expression he views the mission of the artist as simple; “Create sonic situations for us to move, and to be moved.”

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The Gift | A Film by AYBEE from Deepblak on Vimeo.


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