Blaktroniks SlapMatik EP

DBR-D023 | Blaktroniks – SlapMatik EP

BLAKTRONIKs – “SLAPMATIK” is taking the beats back to basics.

“We are all about hard beats, bass lines, and razor sharp melodies”. This time it’s all about the hardware sounds and samples. No smoke and mirrors, just beats that stomp a mud hole in your ears. Blaktroniks has a long discography of creative style and productions.
Oakland artists Edd Dee Pee, MC Veda 36, and Percepticon have developed a tele-presence in the electronic music industry for more than a decade genre bending sounds.

Percepticon plays guitar, write compose, arrange, and design etc. Edd Dee Pee drum programming, digital processing, and bass playing makes up a good team for a SlapMatik style. Making music with a focus, and knowing when to have fun at the same time.

“When I (Edd) was a kid I use to hook up a drum machine to the deck in my ride and put my home stereo speakers in the trunk”. Everything must bump or slap. When we added the technology to the equation, it became electronic. Now it only made sense to bring the two elements together and form the SlapMatik EP. – Edd Dee Pee

Some dope tunes in da EP, gr8 vibe and original soundin, playin & chartin
big up da Oakland massiiiiiiiiiiive !!!! – Simbad

All songs written and produced by Blaktroniks for Deepblak Recordings (c) 2009

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