Afrikan Sciences - Means and Ways

[DBR-D029] Afrikan Sciences – Means and Ways LP

We are proud to play host to the mighty Afrikan Sciences debut album “Means and Ways”. After producing some of the most cosmic soul juggling tracks of the last decade Afrikan Sciences has finally woven together a full length. Already receiving early run from likes of Gilles Peterson Means and Ways is a watermark of rhythmic freedom. True to previous Afrikan Sciences escapades rhythmic rules are re-programmed, and tuned to cosmic frequencies. These are sounds that you need not attempt to control. Ease yourself open your mind, and let the imagination take the wheel. We hope you Enjoy.

Vinyl 12″ EP – DBR-V008 ]

*Written and produced by Eric Porter (ASCAP) for Deepblak Music.

What a disgussssssstingly good release !!!! People arent ready 4 this 1 LOL !!!! FCKIN SICK been waitin 4 some Afrikan Sciences to hit my box 4 nearly a decade !!! WELLL DONE
~ Simbad

Douglass’ preoccupation with rhythm, however, fixates on the oddities—the mutations, the dualities and instances of bare collision. His hoarded beats are gleaned from a whirlwind of origins—west London broken beat, the east coast’s ’90s house, ’40s jazz, indigenous African and Latin rhythms—but they’re deployed concurrently and unexpectedly, with cross-beats and displacement used as accents in his own pidgin dialect. ~ Resident Advisor

Afrikan Sciences – NanoRock SKANK from Deepblak on Vimeo.

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