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[DBR-V017] Damon Bell – H.I.M EP

Damon Bell - H.I.M. EP


Deepblak’s Chief Connoisseur Damon Bell steps forward with his third Deepblak vinyl project the “H.I.M” ep. Damon stays true to his ethos of weaving his jazz, funk, and soul influences into deep delicacies. The H.I.M ep also sees him joining forces with Deepblak co-head Afrikan Sciences for the twisted rhythm’s of “Babylonian Spliffs”. Always sprinkled with attention to warmth, and atmosphere Damon’s rhythms have the tendency to invite. Much like his DJ sets at his now famed 389 night in Oakland his productions pull you in, and leave you to surf the groove. Leaving something always for the head, heart, and body. Deepblak is proud to bring forth this latest project from Damon as we build into his forthcoming debut Album. We hope you enjoy the ride as always.

[DBR-V015] Damon Bell – Nommo EP

Damon Bell - Nommo EP

Deepblak resident connoisseur Damon Bell returns with the “Nommo” ep. In line with his appreciation for all things deep the “Nommo” ep continues to provide Damon with a canvas to create his deephouse visions fusing funk, jazz, and soul into an intoxicating mood. This is music for the attentive listener rich in melody, and subtext. “Pathways and Mindframes” which pushes the 12 minute mark could just as easily been 3 separate tracks, but it shows off Damon’s arranging skills as he molds a long play gem. Side B includes “Black Tears” which is another deep driving tune that pulls you in while “Heru” is a beautiful jazz flip that is laced with warmth. This is deep music which finds it’s home just as easily in the headspace as it does on the dance-floor. We hope you enjoy.

[DBR-V014] Pursuit Grooves presents 91 Fellows

The multi-talented Vanese Smith aka Pursuit Grooves makes her debut on Deepblak under her new “91 Fellows” moniker. After establishing herself in recent years with Pursuit Grooves outings heavy in beats, and bass Smith turns her talents to more open sonic landscapes. “91 Fellows” represents as she terms her push into Cinematic Dub leaning heavily on her collegiate film major roots. The project was inspired as a dedication to her grandfather who passed on in 2011.


Through a myriad of ambient textures, and percussion she invites the listener to join her as she
weaves through different emotional headspaces. Six tracks that run like chapters of
saga accompanied by two remixes by Deepblak Chief Alchemist AYBEE, and resident
Rhythm Czar Afrikan Sciences. Deepblak is very honored to play host to the “91
Fellows” project as it represents a beautiful creative milestone for Smith who has
long been one of our favorite producers. We hope that the “91 Fellows” project
translates to the listeners heart as well the ears.

[DBR-V013] Afrikan Sciences – Boss Nova’s Second Pass EP


Afrikan Sciences - Boss Nova's Second Pass

Artwork by SafetyFirst

Afrikan Sciences returns lush, and rhythmic as ever with his latest offering “Boss Nova’s Second Pass EP” . Continuing to push into spaces of other-world sonic’s, Afrikan Sciences locks together groove palettes that inspire, and challenge. Four tracks all worlds within themselves filled with soul, imagination, and freedom.

[DBR-V012] AYBEE – Astral Metronome EP

AYBEE - Astral Metronome

AYBEE returns to start off Deepblak’s 2012 releases with his “ASTRAL Metronome” EP. The EP showcases three tracks dipped in the label heads usual otherness lacing rhythmic soundscapes that move the mind, and feet. All three tracks take an open ended approach while being held together with AYBEE’s signature affinity for deep rhythmic travels. Engage

[DBR-V010] Prof. Delacroix – Build Her | Remixes

Prof. Delacroix aka AYBEE


As our Ten year Anniversary comes to an end we take time to revisit Prof. Delacroix’s deep classic ‘Build Her”. Initially released in ‘07-08 “Build Her” received massive support from Deep selectors across the field. Finding it’s way onto DJ Deep’s “Tronic Jams Vol.1”, and a permanent place in the crate of Osunlade.

Two of my favorite producers in Fred. P and Afrikan Sciences bring an added perspective to this time tested piece. Fred brings a painfully beautiful soundscape to the table while Afrikan Sciences weaves a rhythmic masterpiece. I was very happy to have these cats touch “Build Her” as I know they were big fans of the original. So I knew they would touch it with Love. I could not think of a more perfect way to bring 2011 to a close than to have the Bredren remix one my biggest pieces to date . I hope you enjoy. Love, Respect, and Power Always. ~ AYBEE

[DBR-V009] Damon Bell – Kush Musik Wax

Damon Bell - Kush Musik Wax


Damon Bell returns with his first vinyl offering Kush Musik Wax. A collection of productions from his previous Kush Musik Series including a remix from label head AYBEE. We are very proud to present Kush Musik Wax as now Damon can add his own vinyl to his amazing collection, and you should follow. Much more in the pipeline for Damon. Stay tuned…

A1. Ezuku
A2. Idiya
B1. Kymestry
B2. Ezuku (AYBEE’s Gorilla Dub)

US > Crosstalk International
EU > Juno

DBR-D028 | Damon Bell – Kush Musik pt. 2

Damon Bell returns with pt.2 of his much heralded Kush Musik series. Laced with
smooth engaging rhythms Damon again crafts music for multiple head-spaces. If you know Damon personally you can testify that his productions are totally in sync with his personality. Smooth, welcoming, with a subtle complexity are all things that come to mind when one thinks of Damon, and i am always perplexed as to how he manages to convey these themes consistently within his productions. We hope you enjoy. ~ a.

Written and produced by Damon Bell for Deepblak Recordings 2010.

Damon Bell – Kush Musik pt. 2 from Deepblak on Vimeo.

[DBR-D029] Afrikan Sciences – Means and Ways LP >>

DBR-D025 | o1o – Bread and Circuses EP

o1o (aka AYBEE) surfaces once again with a package of cosmik slap from the Deepblak Hall of Science. On this ride he welcomes the sultry Malena Perez who lends her vocals on the Refuge track. Once again Deepblak broadens the sonic landscape continuing to further the sound.

DBR-D019 | o1o – The Undatow Pt.2

o1o follow his 1st outing with another platter of genre/brain bending beats and compositions. Once again in true Deepblak mold pushing all the way off the cliff. Special website exclusive remix by UK Booty Shaker Simbad with his (Conscious Mix) of Bunny Rabbitz.

[01] Beat DatAzz | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[02] Untitled | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[03] Bunny Rabbitz | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[04] Find It Funny | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[05] Bunny Rabbitz (Simbad’s Conscious Mix) | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3

(DBR-D019) Written and Produced by A. Bazile (BMI) (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2008. All Rights Reserved

DBR-D010 | Afrikan Sciences – Wadada Music EP pt.1

The Rhythm Czar Afrikan Sciences surfaces armed with the sacred language of the rhythm. Motive? Freedom via other-than beats and cosmic vibrations. A Vintage offering from one of most talented, and esoteric producers to emerge in recent years.

[01] As Of Yet | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[02] Charley | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[03] Bed Hour Not A Bird | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[04] No More My Lord | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3

(DBR-D010) Written and Produced by E. Douglas (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2006.

DBR005 | Orion 70 – Enki

A Deep latenite escapade from Orion 70, along with an ambient broken mix provided by AYBEE…

[ 01 ] Orion 70 – Enki (Main Mix) | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[ 02 ] Orion 70 – Enki (AYBEE’s Solar Prayer Mix) | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3
[ 03 ] Orion 70 – Enki (Blaktopia Mix) | Listen | Buy Wav | Buy Mp3

(DBR005) Written and Produced by A. Bazile (BMI) (P)+ © Deepblak Recordings 2006.