• AFRIKAN SCIENCES releases “Circuitous” LP on PAN

    The Rhythm CZAR Afrikan Sciences releases his 4th LP via Bill Kouligas’s Berlin based PAN label. Rich with his amazing sound sculpture, and distinct rhythmic sensibilities, “Circuitous” continues to cement AFSCI as truly one of the more adventurous producers around. Cinematic, colorful, with a tinge of fantasy it is essential listening. Of course we are …

  • AYBEE | Sway Of The Tree EP on (Sound Of Speed Japan)

    Cheif Alchemist AYBEE follows Damon Bell after his Banyana EP on (Sound Of Speed Japan) with the “Sway Of The Tree” EP for the Tokyo based label. Limited 12″

  • S.A.T | AYBEE joins Jerome Sydenham & Ron Trent for collaborative LP on Ibadan

    A simple dinner in Berlin transforms into a studio session, which in turn evolves into a track, which sets the spark for what has now materialized as one of the most highly anticipated albums of late. These were the forces which turned a casual evening into an artistic crossroads for Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan Records), AYBEE …

  • Damon Bell | Hue-Man Made EP on Meda Fury

    Damon Bell pushes out a beautiful EP for London’s Meda Fury label. Receiving high marks from BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs and a long list of others as Damon continues to display his unique touch in crafting gems.