• [DBR-V029] AYBEE – Man Over Machine EP

    Limited Release EP from AYBEE leading into the “THE ODYSSEY” LP featuring “Man and Machine” on the A-Side, and 3 B-Side bonus tracks not on the album. AYBEE – Man Over Machine from Deepblak on Vimeo.


    AFRIKAN SCIENCES – EJERCICIOS (a Film by AYBEE) from Deepblak on Vimeo. The Rhythm Czar Afrikan Sciences renders a LIVE version of “Ejercicios” off his Means and Ways LP.

  • A MESSAGE | A Film by AYBEE

    AYBEE has unveiled his second short film, ‘A Message’ – the follow-up to his directorial debut, ‘The Gift’, which premiered at Washington DC’s Forward electronic creative culture & new media festival in 2015 and featured appearances by Levon Vincent, Fred P and Christopher Rau. As with the prior film, ‘A Message’ is directed and scored …

  • DFLN aka Derrick Curtis (Remembering)

    I did not want to have to write this… We should never want to write these type of things. Because in writing I felt that somehow i was letting go, and that is something I am not prepared to do. A little more than 48hrs ago i was laughing at Derrick. Last week we had …